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This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to create a fuller, fluffier, and tamed brow look.

A brow lamination is intended to relax the brow hairs, allowing us to manipulate the brow hairs into your desired direction. Lamination makes it so much easier for you to style your brows each day due to the relaxation of the brow hairs. The hairs become extremely easy to manipulate and tame, especially for those stubborn hairs that grow in crazy directions.

PRICE: $70+


Some of our brow lamination done here at peaches + co!

How can a brow lamination help my brows?


Brow lamination will help tame any crazy, thick, stubborn, curly, wiry, and unruly brows. It is also perfect for clients with a “thinner” brow, who want to make their brows appear fuller, by using the length of their brow hairs to create that thickness.

It fully restructures the brow hairs and allows them to sit in a neat but fluffy position. Adding either tint or dye to this treatment just adds that perfect touch of color to the brows and depending on which you chose will depend on the overall outcome of the brow look.

Before After

What to expect during a brow lamination at Peaches+Co?


We want to make sure we fully listen to your wants and needs! We will always first hand your mirror to discuss your desired brow goals. From there – we take the wheel and do our signature thing. Here is what you’d expect!

Prep and Prime

Your brows will be indulged in a deep foaming brow cleanse. This ensures we have a perfectly clean slate for our tints and dyes to adhere perfectly.


First, your brows are fully saturated in a perm solution designed specifically for the delicate nature of eyebrow hairs. This step is breaking down the hard keratin on the hair and softening the cuticle of it.


Then, after a few minutes, we wipe off the first solution. The second step is to neutralize the processing of your brows. This step is restructuring the keratin bonds of your hair into the new desired shape we carefully place it in.

Measure and Map

Symmetry is key! We may use a brow measuring tool to ensure we have the proper spacing between brows perfectly proportion for your unique facial structure. We will make little marking with pre-inked string and mapping pens to pre-draw the desired shape!

Wax and Define

A crucial step for crisp, defined lines! A brow wax ensures no unwanted hairs get in the way of your beautiful, sculpted brows.

Tint or Dye

Whether you go for a soft, groomed brow or a richly, pigmented stain – we will evenly distribute your perfect customized shade throughout your brow.

Finishing Touches

You can either elevate your brow experience with a hydrating brow jelly mask at this step – or end it with fabulously groomed brows! At this point in your service we add our finishing touches like highlighting under the brow bone for a carved brow. Hello, beautiful sculpted brows that last for weeks!

Can I wet my brows after brow lamination?
Can I workout after brow lamination?

Please wait a minimum of 24 hours after a brow lamination to get them wet, including sweating. The keratin bonds are still restoring 24 hours post lamination and wetting them can alter the final outcome.

Do I have to get them waxed and tinted during a brow lamination?

We pride ourselves on sharp, crisp lines with our signature brow lamination. While we do recommend pairing this with a wax, it is not necessary if your brows are already groomed to perfection. The tint is optional, too!