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Brow Tinting &
Hybrid Brow Stain


Bring color and definition to your brows! Brow tinting is an effective treatment to groom a brow and make each hair stand out. Whether you choose to enhance them with brow tint or go for a bold, sculpted look with a hybrid brow stain – our brow tinting services are sure to help you achieve fuller-looking brows!

Know the types: Tint vs Brow Stain


Brow tint

A semi-permanent tint that is great for clients who..

  • Want a softer-looking brow as it is not quite as dense as hybrid brow dye.
  • Want to tint the hair only.

Hybrid Brow Stain

Hybrid brows are a dye-based product and it lasts longer than tint. It stains the skin underneath the brow too. Brow stain clients….

  • Are comfortable going bold or looking for something new.
  • Have a lot of sparse areas that need filling! A brow stain a temporarily mask those areas since it also stains the skin with rich pigment.

Brow Services

Brow Tint w/ Wax

A tint stains the skin for up to 5 days depending on your lifestyle. It leaves more of a natural, brow powder filled-in look. It is recommended for first-time clients who don’t want a “dark, bold, rich” look. It is a true tint. 100% customizable!

Price: $50


Hybrid Brow Stain w/ Wax


This leaves more of a bold, pomade filled-in look. It deeply stains the skin for up to 10 days depending on your lifestyle. Provides color to brow hair for up to 6 weeks. It can help temporarily fill in sparse areas. Since this is a dye-based product it means it lasts longer than tint. 100% customizable!

Price: $60


What to expect during a brow tint or stain service?


Warning: We are all about the details! We want to make sure we fully listen to your wants and needs. We will always first hand your mirror to discuss your desired brow goals. From there – we take the wheel and do our thing.

Prep and Prime

Your brows will be indulged in a deep foaming brow cleanse. This ensures we have a perfectly clean slate for our tints and dyes to adhere perfectly.

Measure and Map

Symmetry is key! We may use a brow measuring tool to ensure we have the proper spacing between brows perfectly proportion for your unique facial structure. We will make little marking with pre-inked string and mapping pens to pre-draw the desired shape!

Tint or Dye

Whether you go for a soft, groomed brow or a richly, pigmented stain – we will evenly distribute your perfect customized shade throughout your brow.

Wax and Define

A crucial step for crisp, defined lines! A brow wax ensures no unwanted hairs get in the way of your beautiful, sculpted brows.

Finishing Touches

You can either elevate your brow experience with a hydrating brow jelly mask at this step – or end it with fabulously groomed brows! At this point in your service we add our finishing touches like highlighting under the brow bone for a carved brow. We usually finish with a brow gel to hold each hair perfectly in place. Hello, beautiful sculpted brows that last for weeks!

Can I wet my brows after tinting/stain?

Yes! However, our recommendation for maximum longevity is to wait a minimum of 24 hours after getting them done to allow the tint or color to really grab on.

Can I workout after tinting/stain?

Yes, however, for maximum longevity we suggest waiting a minimum of 24 hours after tinting or staining to allow the tint or color to really grab on. Someone who leads a more active, sweatier lifestyle might not see as long of a lasting result vs someone who has drier, non oily skin.

Can I just get the tint or stain without a wax?

We pride ourselves on sharp, crisp lines with our brow tinting or stain services. Waxing with this service is the only way to guarantee every single hair is groomed to perfection. That is why it cannot be booked on its own – it must be booked with a brow wax.

How long does brow stain last?

Hybrid brows are a dye-based product and it lasts longer than tint. It stains the skin underneath the brow too.

The brow stain can last up to 4-10 days on the skin and up to 12 weeks on the hair.