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One simple lash lift makes all the difference


We live in a world where women are constantly looking for the latest beauty trends that will help them enhance their appearance. Not everyone is comfortable having semi-permanent lash extensions attached to their natural lashes or find strip lashes easy to apply.

Lash lifts are an innovative method of giving the illusion that natural lashes are longer and have more volume. No fancy upkeep is required, so if you’re a busy gal on the go – a lash lift is for you!

Price: $90+


What is a lash lift?


A lash lift is a modern, safer version of the traditional perm for eyelashes. Using silicone pads, our technique lifts lashes from the root, applying a 3-step system for a natural-looking lift, length, and volume. It’s a quicker, low-maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions, perfect for busy individuals who want enhanced natural lashes without the hassle.

after lash lift

Who would benefit from a lash lift?


A lash lift is popular before events or for regular maintenance, lasting 4-6 weeks and safe to redo every 6 weeks.


  • Weddings: Ensuring eyelashes stay stunning throughout the day, even if tears are shed.
  • Holidays: Don’t pack your mascara!
  • Swimmers and Athletes: The treatment prevents makeup from sliding off when skin becomes sweaty and slippery, ensuring lashes remain unaffected by water.
  • Mothers: Pretty lashes, though a small aspect of beauty routines, significantly enhance overall facial appearance. Amid the chaos of parenting, it’s a simple self-care step for moms.

What to expect during a lash lift at Peaches + Co?


We’re passionate about providing an experience from start to finish. It’s all about the small details for us! We’ll take this time to get you know you – or let you take a nap if that’s what you prefer to do!

Get cozy

Relax and unwind under our facial sheets and bedding! A comfy quilt is provided for your relaxation time. Free lash naps are always included!

Prep and Prime

Your lashes will be indulged in a deep foaming cleanse. This ensures we have a perfectly clean slate for our lash solutions to adhere perfectly.

Lash wrap

A special lash lift shield is measured to your lash length and desired curl/lift and then we carefully wrap your lashes onto these shields. Your lashes will take the mold of the shield to provide the lift and curl.


Step 1 for our system is applied on both lashes.


After removing Step 1 – Step 2 is applied to neutralize the process and set your lift and curl!

Tint (optional)

Tinting is optional but most guests want that extra pop of darkness to finalize that mascara look. Minus the smear that mascara gives!


Lashes are now lifted, curled and darkened! We brush them through with lash conditioning serum and go over aftercare steps with you!

Hello, beautiful lashes that last for weeks!

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